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November 22, 1999

Was even willing to convert

Living in a multicultural society, (Toronto, Canada), people interact with many other people from different backgrounds. I had the lovely experience of dating a wonderful Iranian girl for four years. It was the greatest experience of my life.

Even though I am from a Jewish background my parents had no problems with me dating her, unfortunately I could not say the same for her family. They very much disapproved and even tried to fix her up with Iranian men. This hurt me very much and lead me to believe that this was the major reason for our break up. The fact that she had to live with her parents and hear them say such negative things I am amazed it lasted as long as it did.

She is a very important girl in my life and I am very angry that in this day and age when two hearts that are meant to be together they may not because of how the parents feel. Especially when they come from a place where dating out of your culture is fround upon.

Throughout our four-year relationship we shared many wonderful experiences but the thing that always came up was how her parents felt. I tried everything I could to change that. I was even going to do whatever was the appropriate thing to do in her culture. I was even ready to convert if that would have made anything easier for her. Nothing seemed to work.

We are still friends but I do notice something missing. When two hearts are meant to be together should they allow people to intervene with destiny? I don't think so.

When two hearts find each other as we did the best thing the parents can do is allow us to find out for ourselves whether or not it was meant to be. Love is a rare thing and if two people find it the best thing for them to do is cherish it. Are our hearts destined to be together? Only time will tell.

Michael Pearlstein

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