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November 8, 1999

Easy to be ignorant

In response to Mr. Beeler's letter

It is obvious that cruising The Iranian website has not taught you anything of our very rich culture and heritage. A culture and heritage that exceeds your comprehension, since your history (that most Americans can't recite) is so very young. So let me enhance your knowledge by pointing out a few things about Americans:

- American lifestyle in the eye of most Iranians is not viewed as the ideal lifestyle. We are bound by familial ties that keep us in touch with our families, not only during the holidays. We are there for each other every day.

- Americans rely on their government to carry their butts when they are too lazy to work as evidenced by the tremendous abuse of the welfare system. Iranians have had to be smart and business savvy and support themselves and their families in times of trouble, including a revolution and wight years of war.

- Racism still runs abundant in the land of plenty and diversity. So much that you guys are still dragging people of different races tied in chains behind your pick-up trucks. Iranians can't even comment on racism, since we are victims of a really lousy U.S. policy and as a result are living all around the world.

- The number one TV show in America, depicting the heart of American life-style is The Jerry Springer Show.

So you see, if someone wants to be ignorant, it is very easy to stereotype a whole nation. My co-workers, patients, neighbors, and some of my best friends are American. It would terribly undermine their intelligence if I were to stereotype them as a bunch of rednecks who have beer bellies and burp hotdogs all day.

Last but not least, I recommend you travel around the world a little and not limit your world eye view to the media and its representation of other countries.

Roya Zarnegar

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