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April 21, 2000

Bitter, angry woman

This is a reference to a letter sent by one of your readers ... in regard to a letter titled "Khodeti". In her letter, she complains about how the Iranian community puts down single girls living on their own, and how they are labeled as "kharaab".

Even though I agree with her, it is amazing how true this is about her. I had the opportunity to meet this girl in person. We both live in the same city. When I saw her, she made a very nice impression and we both became good friends.

She told me about her past and how she has survived a harsh life. Unfortunately, this harsh life has made her a bitter, angry woman who becomes hostile toward any kindness. She has experienced everything you could imagine about a lonely single girl in a city.

She seems to love Iranian culture, but doesn't understand the rules. I noticed, how her behavior changed after she found out that I had told my parents about our relationship. First, she was unhappy, then she told her parents about us.

After a while, she seemed so attached to me that she refused to go ahead with her transfer to another state which she truly loved to go to. She said she wants to stay because she has something better here. She was referring to me.

I was happy that she was in love with me. But that was just a dream. A few days later, she was invited to my parents house for the new year (Noruz). She was not happy about it. Two days later, her personality turned 180 degrees. She said she doesn't wan to see me. I tried to understand her.

I found out she had been on Prozac. She had abused controlled substances when she was younger, and she was an alcoholic. She had been with many different abusing men. I could not believe the things I was finding out.

I knew the relationship was over. However, I still wanted to help her cope with her problem. She is unbelievable. She wouldn't let me put sense into her head. She dropped a bomb on me: She said I was harassing her and made her scared. I tried to let her know that the things she is experiencing is from side effects of using Prozac, and her previous abusive relationships.

I guess my point goes back to the original article that event though we tend to label people without knowing much about them, somehow it all comes true. I still hope the best for this girl and wish her to get professional help.

Ramin Adlparvar


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