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April 11, 2000


This recent letter by Ms. Banfsheh Zand is just another view by some typically anti-this group or that group. And I am tirelessly perturbed by people like her who try desperately to make themselves feel self-righteous and justified in "being disgusted" by the freely-expressed opinions of others whom she so indignantly condemns and hypersensitively criticizes with such prejudicial generalization!

She uses the old cliche of "I'm mortified by these painfully broad and sweeping generalizations by,...bla bla..." It is in fact, people like her who are incapable of having a dialogue with others and seek to stifle real discussion by imposing dogmatic-liberalized views of the world on others.

And you better watch out if you disagree with her high-handed opinions for ye shall be ostracized and terrorized by name-calling and underhanded "generalizations"! The attempt to say that "there is something inherently negative" in a certain culture, is in and of it self inherently negative, prejudicial and childish! This simply is the wannabe-campus feminazi-political correctness which had imposed it's profundity on the U.S educational system since the 60's!

I propose a question to her and the likes of her and her antiquated-ideologues -- just because you are not in sync with the hopes, dreams, and desires of men, whether they be Iranian or otherwise -- who are you to say that their views are deviant simply because you disagree with them? I have always assumed that freedom of expression within freedom of the press as an inalienable right enjoyed by all.

Does that mean that a person's expressive ideas deserve to be questioned and attacked as "intrinsically deviant" or that something is wrong with a whole segment of a society (herein "Iranian Men") because you are frustrated by their overwhelming disgust with women who may be symbolized by the volition of the likes of you? Is that fair?I beg to differ.

Cyrus Raafat


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