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December 15, 2000

Bee adab

My initial reaction to your pictorial comparison between President-Elect Bush (or anyone else whom you may have treated thus) and the chimpanzee was one of a deep sense of outrage, and disgust, which very quickly melted into a heap of sadness (to the brink of tears).

I had to ask myself the question "What would cause an Iranian - assuming you are one - turn the back on all the morals, 'adab', discretion, integrity, temperance, and depth that is such an integral part of our culture, and give way to such defilements of the soul as you have partaken of?"

Then, I felt even deeper shame and sadness that the tendernesses of our heritage can so easily be marred and murdered by this grotesquely gluttonous culture which the West has even become weary of.

If you have the intellectual integrity, and prowess to make a point worthy of discussion referencing your ideological disagreements with the President-Elect, then do so. Don't divorce yourself from your heritage and take on the ways of these people that based on the threat of having their sensuality censured, they begin to wage wars of name calling, like some base uneducated brutes.

In hopes of your restoration.

Mehryar Tabib


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