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December 22, 2000

Not exercising true journalism

This is related to Ali Parsa's letter "A lot of hypocrisy". I completely agree with him. He said it all so well. I am very glad that finally someone brought this issue up.

Jahanshah Javid, I do have a lot of respect for you as a person. However, your work as a true journalist, at times is very questionable.

The fact that your selection of published items is so biased, leaves me no other choice but to believe that you are not exercising true journalism. I personally know of a lot of letters/essays sent by friends, relatives (and myself) which never got published.

In fact I am quite surprised that you did publish Ali Parsa's letter. You tend to be so good at being you, meaning not publishing letters/articles that you personally don't like. And of course you just love to instigate antagonism and turbulence by publishing shocking letters like "Married a Black man?!!" by Iraani.

Please, I ask you to put your personal interests aside and be more fair!

Babak Aminian


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