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December 27, 2000

Misled by Democratic Party machine

As a non-partisan 'call it like it is' observer, I am compelled to ask, have you ever heard of the U.S constitution, wherein there is an amendment referring to the Electoral College ["And the winner is..."]. I am disappointed to see that like some people, you have been effected by the misleading and inaccurate statements spread by the Democratic Party machine.

The fact of the matter is that it was the same people like Jesse Jackson and Bill Daley who tried so hard to fix this election by manipulating poor inner-city African Americans, who had never voted before, couldn't care less about Bush or Gore, or the issues, and had no intentions of voting in this election, yet were registered by the Democratic Party machine and voted as a mere favor for their 'want to be' leader, Jesse Jackson, so that he may artificially shine again.

Furthermore, in Wisconsin it became apparent that the Democratic Party machine under Bill Daley's direction had paid $5 per person or given cigarette packs and furnished transportation to some 350,000 of the impoverished so that they would register and vote for Gore.

For all those who are not sure who Bill Daley is, he is the eldest son of the late Mayor Richard Daley Sr. of Chicago who fixed the 1960 election for Kennedy by making similar petty payoffs to the impoverished in Chicago in exchange for votes. Like father like son.

Deduct just these two factual events and there goes the 500,000 votes and then some that put Gore on top in the popular vote. Let's not even try to bring up many other illegal and immoral acts against democracy which the Democratic Party machine committed in many other inner cities in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and, yes, Florida. Yet they have the audacity to cry foul against the Florida state legislature whom followed their constitution to the letter.

Now as to your statement regarding incomplete vote count. There is a unified voting standard in the U.S which has been in effect for some 50 years. Granted, the system is not perfect, yet very simple, whereas you take a pin and punch a hole into a computer card. If the 'hole' is there, the computer counts it as a vote. If the 'hole' is not there, there is no vote. Again the sore losers tried to manipulate the system by re-counting the votes over and over by computers in only 'a few' Democratic Party dominated counties in one state, Florida, hoping that they could may be change the 'national unified outcome' of the election results.

When they failed, they demanded for hand recount in those same selective counties and tried to act as mind readers in order to translate voter intends on abnormal ballots that the computer had refused to count. They even got some help from a Democratic Party dominated and biased Florida Supreme Court, but in the end they were all shut down by the reality of their unfair and absurd demand to treat a few counties in the country differently than the rest of the nation. I am compelled to ask again, why would any fair minded American would even want these shady guys to run America?

Now let's take a look at Bush v. Gore. There has been rumors, spread by the Democrats, that Bush is not very intelligent and that Gore is not only the brighter of the two, but also the more qualified. When some reporters pulled the college transcripts of the two candidates a few weeks ago, they discovered that Bush's grades were considerably superior to Gore's, both in pre and post graduate schools.

Furthermore one could easily grasp Bush's solid management style by observing the savvy and experienced people he has been installing in key positions, whereas Gore like Clinton had surrounded himself with a bunch of shady amateurs who would have surely continue the disastrous policies of the Clinton/Gore Administration had Gore become president.

First example is the Clinton/Gore Administration's handling of the Israeli/Arab issue. In a desperate attempt to seal some type of a legacy for Clinton they anxiously insisted on the signing of a peace treaty during Clinton's administration, thereby forcing the Israelis and the Arabs into dangerous corners and thus have caused the latest senseless blood bath.

Second, the Clinton/Gore disastrous energy department has caused the worsening energy crisis which may result in many deaths in the Northeastern U.S due to lack of a energy policy. The same department has clearly exposed America's most valuable nuclear secrets to the Chinese which are probably laughingly utilizing and implementing them as we speak and will trade fractions thereof with the kinds of Saddam and the Iranian mollas for large sums of cash as well as oil and natural gas.

Speaking of devils, the Clinton/Gore Administration has allowed Saddam to re-build his mass destruction weapon systems. They deliberately looked the other way while the mullahs in Iran went on a $7 billion shopping spree for arsenals including but not limited to mass destruction weapon systems.

I do not even want to go into details regarding the Clinton/Gore amateur fiasco in Somalia, the ridiculous bombing of some obscure medicine factory in North Africa and the comic cruise missile attack on some abandoned buildings in the middle of rural Afghanistan.

Third, the Clinton/Gore justice department has behaved in the most disastrous ways, initially with their amateur handling of the senselessly prolonged Waco incident which was somewhat similar to Carter administration's amateur handling of the prolonged Iranian hostage crisis, and then their all out war against various innovative entities notably Microsoft, thus putting a damper on the technology industry which is clearly the foundation and back bone of the new millennium.

I can go on and on, but I think you got the message. As for the economy, as much as Clinton and Gore have tried to take the credit, it is obvious that President Reagan's economic policies in the 80s and Alan Greenspan's piloting of the economy have directly resulted in the last decade's economic expansion.

Please bare in mind that George Bush Senior lost the '92 election by ignoring his own advisors as well as Alan Greenspan and thus breaking his famous Read My Lips No New Taxes Promise and also by straying from the republican line and therefore causing many republicans to vote against him or for Perot. Had Bush Sr. stayed in office for another term, he would have enjoyed the fruits of Reaganomics and even take some of the credit for the economic expansion which had actually begun in 1991, a year before Clinton was even elected.

As to your comment addressing the legitimacy of George W. Bush, last week the leading Democrat in the U.S Congress, Richard Gephardt, referred to Bush as an 'illegitimate President'. Three days later Bush went to capital hill to hold a face to face meeting with Gephardt and his counterparts. Standing next to Bush at the press conference, Gephardt was asked point blank by a reporter to elaborate further on his earlier comments regarding the illegitimacy of Bush's Presidency. Gephardt replied, "At noon on January 20th, 2001 Mr. Bush will take the oath of the office of The President of the United States, at that time he will be our legitimate President."

Naturally the loss of such a close election has been devastating to Al Gore. But what most people are not aware of is that the loss has been most devastating to Bill Clinton, who in effect had ordered his cronies; Bill Daley, Jesse Jackson and Warren Christopher to try and change the outcome of the election that was fairly and squarely lost on the early morning of November 8th, 2000.

You ask why? Because as of January 20th, 2001 Al Gore will not be in the White House to unconditionally pardon Bill Clinton when the criminal prosecution against Clinton commences and already prepared various criminal complaints against him shall be filed. In fact Clinton's biggest nightmare is probably imagining himself in February of 2001, being handcuffed by federal marshals, as he is being arrested. At least Nixon had Ford to pardon him.

Dr. Kambiz Ameli


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