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December 6, 2000

Shooting from the hip

In response to the letter "Adam & Eve, not Adam & Adam", you make references to a number of simple principles that you are obviously confused about. I'll touch on a few:

Religious Freedom. In the context of the American society, same-sex unions are a legal and political matter, not a religious one. The American system is a secular democracy, not a theocracy. To put American freedom and religious dogma in the same paragraph is an overt example of hypocrisy. Are you a hypocrite?! Personal choice is not the same as having equal rights. Please stop collapsing these ideas.

Freedom: Before throwing this word around, you need to understand what "freedom" means in the American social, political, and legal structure. Otherwise, you'll sound ignorant.

Same-Sex Unions: Nobody is trying to infringe upon your "religious freedom." Nor are same-sex unions about the choice to be gay. You either are gay or you're not. That takes acceptance, not choice. Making a choice to be open about our sexual orientation is a separate, social and cultural matter.

But, same-sex unions are about gay people's freedom to enjoy the same economic and legal rights and benefits that are constitutionally given to every individual in this country. Unfortunately, non-homosexuals think they are the only ones entitled to these liberties.

A gay person's domestic partner commits to share his/her entire life with that person. That is a human trait, not an exclusively heterosexual trait. Now, if that domestic partner gains the legal right to visit his/her partner in the hospital, take care of his/her needs, and have the legal power to make decisions for him/her, or inherit the property which they have accumulated together, how is that taking away your freedom? Stop shooting from the hip!

AIDS: After about 20 years, you still don't know the basics about AIDS. Otherwise, you would know that it is not a homosexual disease. Let us know if you'd like us to send you some literature on HIV and AIDS.



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