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December 12, 2000

Homosexuality & Islam

I don't know where you get your concept with regard to Islam's position on homosexuality ["Adam & Eve, not Adam & Adam"].

Homosexuality is not mentioned in the Sharia as transcribed by Mohammed (there are many modified versions) and during the whole of period of the Khalifate Empire, when Arab Islamic culture was at its height, homosexuality was quite tolerated, and there is much great Arab literature describing love between men that is testament to this.

This compares quite favorably with the stoning to death for adultery, but traditional Arab society only ever considered sexual transgressions to involve women, given the special 'status' afforded to women in Arab society.

Homosexuality is denounced in reference to Loot in the Qur'an, but only with regard to married men, and no punishment is mentioned.

Also Alexander the Great (the two horned one) is described in the Qur'an as a good Muslim (believer) and by all historical accounts he was a homosexual.

I would not describe myself as a Muslim as my belief system is closer to Buddhism, though I am Sada (a descendent of the Prophet Mohammed).

Laith Al-Doory


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