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December 4, 2000

Ganji's crimes against humanity

I have read Mr. Ganji's so called "revelations" before, and I believe that especially the chapter about the "Resurrection of Evin Prison" is worth especial attention, since more than anything else, it is a tell-tale window to the type of "truth" and "freedom" that the 2nd of Khordad gang are claiming to defend.

Mr.Ganji, a former Revolutionary Guard in charge of the ideological branch, is directly and indirectly responsible for the massacre of THOUSANDS of political prisoners, particularly in the notorious Evin Prison

In this chapter of his book, he claims that the above mentioned prison LOST ITS POLITICAL SIGNIFICANCE after the revolution! As if the people who lost their lives under torture while Mr. Ganji and his faction (The Imam's Line) were still holding the levers of power and decision-making, were something like rats, and are not even worth mentioning.

In the name of those ZENDE-YAADHA, I have no choice but to call him a vicious and shameless liar , rather than a hero ["Dictators create heroes"]. He should be tried in court, but not for the crimes that his ex-cohorts are attributing to him, but for crimes agaist the most noble children of Iran -- crimes against humanity.



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