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December 26, 2000

Wishful thinking

Here we go again. Mr. Amirahmadi's recent article, "The time is now", with its predictions of an imminent thawing out of the frozen relations between Iran and America, reminds me of the famous quip "Denial is not just a river in Egypt."

Certain Iranian scholars in the American academia who have apparently seen Mr. Khatami's face in the moon, have started anew. Attempts to portray the state of things in a manner which has no basis in reality.

It is indeed a state of de ja vu when one hears the same predictions that were floating around twelve years ago when Mr. Rafsanjani was elected president. Nothing happened then, and nothing is going to happen now.

Mr. Khatami has publicly stated that he is powerless in the face of the mounting pressures exerted on the reformist movement by the well entrenched conservatives.

During the last Conference of Islamic Nations, certain members of his entourage asked the foreign media to pray for the embattled president as he seems to be going down fast.

Chants of "death to America" reverberated in the streets of Tehran and other cities as recently as December 23 during the Jerusalem Day demonstrations.

Relations between Iran and two of her major neighbors, Turkey and Pakistan are the worst they have been in years. The state of affairs with Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't need mentioning.

Amidst all these developments, to profess that things are rosy and that utopia is at hand, is nothing but wishful thinking.

Shahriar Zahedi


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