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December 12, 2000

Iran-Iraq similarity irritating

The fact that Iran's name is very similar to that of Iraq is really irritating to me. As long as you live in Iran you may not have any problem with it but once you go abroad you will find out that we Iranians are considered Arab just like Iraqis.

Iran was known to the world as Persia until Reza Shah asked the world to call the country Iran and not Persia -- just to make the world know that we are Aryans! Well these days, people have forgotten that, even though the name of Iran is derived form Aryan.

We are still considered Arabs by most of the world. The resemblance of Iran to Iraq makes it worse. I am sure we all hate that and are tired of explaining to our friends the differnces between Iran and Iraq and the fact that we are not Arabs.

I think it is high time Iran changed her name to Persia and let the world know that Persia is not a name of a country in myths. It is a second name for Iran and we Iranians are not Arabs and do not speak Arabic. This is a matter of natinal identity and it should be given due consideration.

Siyamak T.


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