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December 22, 2000

No monopoly on Iranianness

Mr. Racial Cleanser ["Iran has seen worse throughout history"],

There are those of us who think being Iranian should not have any religious or ethnic or racial criterias. Feeling like one is enough. And certainly no one has a monopoly on the definition of "Iranian".

You can certainly be gay and be Iranian. Certainly our history has had its share of gay and khaajeh personalities. You can also be a Jew or an Armenian and be Iranian. And guess what? You can be a woman and marry a Black man and still be Iranian.

Do you really think that your lesser shade of dark makes you better or different? Do you really think who or how someone sleeps is any indicator of national identity? Or are you just so keyboard happy that you write everything that comes to your little mind and feel like it is good enough to share with everyone?

Not even the Islamic Republic believes that being Shiite is a prerequisite of being Iranian. So please take a breath before you next so terrribly pontificate.

S. Mashadi


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