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December 28, 2000

Welcome Daryl

I read some of the comments about the photo of Ms. Ovissi and her husband ["Drawing the line"]. As usual we are very hot tempered people and go to extremes. While an interracial marriage should not attract this much attention, it is clear that we are still far from there.

First of all let's welcome Daryl to our community. I am sure he will find people that are capable of opening their mind and I am sure once he gets to know the Iranians in person he will see that in spite of obvious prejudice most will be able to overcome their prejudices.

Meanwhile, I think we should thank them to agree to put their personal life at the disposal of us to help us learn more about ourselves and to try to work within our community to move forward. I am surprised if any Iranian here believes that "White America" is more closer to us than "Black America".

You know, my first reaction was why the need to post this? After all, many other people got married and their picture was not posted. Yet, the experience with these letters proves we did really need this. Again, let's wish the newly weds a lifetime of happiness.



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