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December 12, 2000

Guess who's coming for dinner

In response to a letter by Mrs. Ynaky,"Bunch of Hypocrites". Back in the 60's there was a famous and controversial movie called "Guess who's coming to dinner?" In that movie a White girl from an upper class family falls in love and decides to marry a highly-educated Black surgeon from a hard working Black family.

Both the parents of the boy and the girl had concerns about their marriage. Their concern was not because the parents were racist but because the young couple had to face all the ignorance and hostility of the society they had to live in.

The parents finally gave their blessings because the love the young couple had for each other was very strong. They knew they would overcome all problems.

This is what Maryam and Daryl are facing but they have been brave enough to go through with it anyway. Your comments as well as those by Iraani ["Married a Black man?!!"] are examples of this ignorance and hostility.

Most objections to Iraani's note seems to be reactions to racism. We are talking about the evils of racism so please do not generalize and stop accusing all those who objected as being hypocrites.

Finally, I strongly suggest to you to rent and see that movie. It stars Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. You will definitely learn something.

Max R.


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