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February 24, 2000

Take a risk for Iran

Reading Rooabeh Shirazi's letter to our dear President Khatami ["Dialogue among ourselves"], first I thought why someone who has such great emotions toward Iran can not come here and see his motherland. Reading forward I realized that there is no official limitation for entering Iran and the main reason they don't try to come is that simply they fear from difficulties they may face in Iran. This is not only appear from Mr. Shirazi's letter but also from many other emails and letters I've seen in The Iranian Times.

Mr. Shirazi pointed that his parents may have political problems but there are some who don't have political problems (and Roozbeh himself is one of them) but still they don't come to Iran although they all say that they love Iran and would like to come here. To explain why, they say that they feel unsafe about going to Iran and they need guarantee.

I partly understand them saying we feel unsafe and I know they think they may face some difficulties in Iran because Iran's future is still vague and unknown to them. But I have just a simple request from you all; and it's that if you really love Iran, if you want to walk the streets of Iran, if you want to meet your family face to face, accept the risk of coming to Iran. Then you would find out Iran's situation and our situation. You will be familiar with the new generation in Iran doing their best to provide a better life for all Iranians, to support their president to succeed in doing his popular ideas, and to prove the world that Iran is a great country.

Yes, this is an attempt that we start and will follow up to the end. Again I emphasize that we will be so happy if you come to Iran to be familiar with our attempts and help us.

Mehdi Kianpour
Sharif University student


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