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February 9, 2000

Love can be...

It seems human love when practised selflessly by lovers is a beautiful and noble thing. However, in reality as daily experience reveals, human love can be full of pain, contradictory, full of struggle and sometimes with regret. The conditional aspect of love refers to the fact that human love can be creative or destructive, enlightened or ignorant, universal or limited, and material or spiritual.

These diverse, opposite qualities of love are due to the qualities of the object of the person's love. In other words, if the object of human love is beauty, knowledge, or life, love is manifested in its most beautiful, enlightened and creative manner. If the object of the person's love is untruth, cruelty, and materialism, then falsehood and destruction are the outcome.

True love does not complain of the pain endured in its path. It is a flourishing branch when once watered never dies, a yearning to break forth into the higher, purer realms of freedom and grace.It is the most sublime instrument for uniting all hearts.It points the way to peace and concord and makes a way for the willing heart to find love's reasons in the face of an arbitrary and irrational spirit.

True love will never knowingly seek to disappoint or hurt another and will give freely of itself without asking recompense. It makes light of time, place and age, builds bridges across the void of days and the diversity of human experience. Such love knows neither race, colour nor hue but lifts up its voice to sing the sweet song of the universal. True love is everywhere and always the same. It is a communion of the hearts, a meeting of the minds, a refinement of the sensibilities and in fact it is an essential human attribute which matures as the individual matures.

Through the force of this all-conquering love, humanity will be irresistibly drawn to that common bond of unity which shall doubtless conquer the ugly spectacle of malice, discord, hate and war.

Dr. Fereidoun Abbasi


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