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February 4, 2000

Rated T (trash)

I am outraged with the letters expressing discontents to the article "Nice ladies, amigo?". For those people who are not happy because the article has no literary value I must say that, the author never claimed he was writing a masterpiece, or an investigative report. He was simply talking about his personal experience.

Furthermore, I am really fed-up with the people who are trying to monopolize this site for themselves. I want to be able to have my say with my broken English. Why are you trying to intimidate people who have less experience than you in professional writing? Maybe writing is not what everybody dose professionally. Are you implying that people who can't write as "well" as you do are less intelligent?

For those of you who are offended by its content and the fact that it publicizes the issue, I must say get out of your cocoon and get on the evolution bus. I don't understand how some people dare ordering The Iranian not to publish what is offensive to them. Listen buddy, If you are offended, don't read it. Scroll down to the next one. Who do you think you are to determine what I should and should not be reading? Are you my big brother?

Some 60 million Iranians are suffering because some people like you think of themselves as our big brothers and decide what we should believe in, what we should watch, and what we should read. It seems intolerance is woven into very fabric of our culture. You would normally expect Iranians who moved abroad and were exposed to cultures and races different from their own, people who are free to learn about things that our big brothers in Iran had forbidden us to learn, to be more tolerant of others. But this seems to be wishful thinking.

I have a recommendation: maybe it is time that The Iranian starts using some sort of rating and warning system. I am not suggesting that you can't criticize an idea or the style of an article. I am suggesting, STOP saying "I Don't Like It, Take It Out". I am sick and tired of reading these types of comments over and over again. It is sickening to hear this from people who ran away from laws like that.

I would like to think of myself as belonging to the land of poets and scholars, a nation with a vast culture. But unfortunately every indication is suggesting otherwise. Obviously I have misunderstood the meaning of culture. Is it a word in the books? Or, is it something we demonstrate by the way we behave? It is definitely not demonstrated by calling someone "Greaseball Mexican" or "Sag Bahai". Whatever it is, it seems that too many of us have forgotten the very basis of it, which is tolerance.

Davood M.


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