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June 30, 2000

Hit dog will always bark

Unfortunately, blind-ignorance and emotionalism seem to go hand-in-hand (globally) and even in our 'modern' world today, we still 'kill the messenger' for what we don't want to face. When terminal medical diagnosis is given to a patient, the patient 'turns' on the doctor or when a teacher reports a child's poor academic performance, we state the teacher is the reason.

Consider yourself in good company regarding the unfortunate negative remarks you received regarding your article ["Let's face it"]. I can understand constructive criticism or an intelligent, rational and well worded objection to your point of view; but, to threaten someone for their perspective is evidence of their inability to effectively communicate at the least.

I live in Tennessee, in an area, which is known as the 'buckle on the Bible-belt'. The South has been historically known for it's conservative Christian views. However, one especially horrible blemish that still stains our claim to a 'conservative Christian' image is the manner in which the Black man/woman/child were mistreated during the days of slavery.

I read that Robert E. Lee, General and commander of the Southern States Confederacy Army, wrote in his personal journal the night before the commencement of the Civil War:

"Slavery is like trying to hold on to a wolf. We all know it's wrong and, it will without question, be the source of our own demise. However, we are more frightened by what will happen immediately should we let go than what will happen in the future."

My grandfather also had a saying, though not very eloquent, which may be applicable to some of the negative feedback you've received: "A hit dog will always bark".

Patricia Jones


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