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June 2, 2000

Other side of the story

After reading eceperts from Tara Bahrampour's book "To See and See Again", I was wondering why someone doesn't talk to the family and people that knew Betty Mahmoody when she supposedly was in Iran with her husband. I personally thought from her books and movie that all of it was some kind of hype to make her look like the person in the right, when actually I saw it differently than a lot of people my age. I thought it showed that she was rude, inconsiderate of the laws of the country at the time, and could have gotten the family into great trouble with her running around the streets of Tehran by herself without her husband or his family even knowing where she was.

It seemed to me that she could have acted like an adult instead of all her screaming fits and temper tantrums. I wish you could send someone to get the REAL story. I think the people that knew her in Iran probably thought she was crazy or something and I think she purposely caused trouble because she didn't feel as important there as she did get married to a doctor in the States. I also don't understand why she is STILL running around the country still getting so much attention. It was over a DECADE ago and she is still listed in the Yahoo search engine under Dr. Mahmoody's last name "Mahmoody" and the list is LONG about all the places she is still spreading her stuff around.

I think Dr. Mahmoody was probably tired of her attitude and was going to ship her back to the U.S. and who could blame him? Of course he wanted to keep his daughter, he loved her, but Betty Mahmoody left the country without permission according to what she wants everyone to believe and soooooo I wanted to know if Dr. Mahmoody put out a warrant for her arrest over there in Iran for kidnapping his daughter and taking her out of the country of Iran. I really wish someone would go there and find out the truth then write a book about it and sell it in the U.S. too so people can read his side of the story too! That's all I wanted to say.

East Syracuse


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