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March 6, 2000

Bring on the future

We seem to know what we don't want...

I keep reading article after article, watching TV shows about the results of the elections in Iran and the governing factors in our "fair" nation, but none of them make me feel conciliated! I have to wonder, after all is said and done: we know what we don't want but do we know what we DO want?

Shall we say for the sake of argument that it's a matter of time before the Islamic Republic self-destructs? Let's face it, these characters can't stick around forever. There are rumblings and it's only a matter of time they turn into a full fledged eruption.

I'm jumping the gun you say? I think not. We've had 20 years to chew the proverbial fat and make our determinations. The world no longer moves at an "easy" pace. The fact is that in this international political arena, given Iran's geographic location -- the Mideast always being a hotbed of hyper-emotionalism -- we cannot be unclear and wishy washy about our options. Choices need to be made at the grass roots level; parties and therefore candidates who offer solid platforms must be assembled.

It's either that OR fearless and motivated delegates should step forward and challenge this theological peerage. However moderate, the clerics are still not meant to be anything but our spiritual leaders and advisors not our prosecutors! And even at a spiritual leadership level, at the threshold of the 21st century it is unacceptable for this crew of clergyment to expect us to fear God and therefore them.

We have become permissive of mediocrity, accepting of the lesser of two evils. Seriously, is this what our resilient culture merits? How long do we wait for the future to arrive?

Banafsheh Zand


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