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May 5, 2000

Free expression, without getting beaten

In response to Murtaza Sarwary:

It is so easy for you, living in Canada, halfway around the world from Iran, to tell Iranians in Iran and worldwide that a bunch of insolent students are trying to destroy all of what Khomeini and his regime fought for in the Iran/Iraq war and in the struggle to put Islam in government. Maybe it's because you never had a bit of exposure with the war and what went on that you see things the way you do.

First of all, besides the fact that most Iranians only consider themselves Muslims and don't really practice that much and that many Iranians are also of different faiths, which makes a single-religion government totally unrepresentative of the people, you forget that these newspapers are not trying to destroy Islam; they focus instead on gaining the right to speak out without getting beaten, being able to express ourselves freely in any form, as our poets continued to do even after Islam.

The war between Iran in Iraq, if you even know the real cause, was totally unneccesary and actually SPURRED on by Khomeini and his mollas. the children of Iran died in that war, running across minefields with the promise of deliverence vested in keys given to them by the Islamic regime with the engraving, "Made in the Phillipines." those martyrs did not die for Iran; they were murdered by Muslim hardliners who abused power that did not belong to them in the first place.

It is rather arrogant, to say the least, that you can sit in front of your computer and call students stupid for wanting to live their lives the way they want to and justify 20 years of imprisonment, torture, and murder of our own by a bunch of backwater ayatollahs who are afraid of losing their payroll to a democracy. There is no such thing as "more democracy," as you say, only democracy. There are no limits to freedom.

Let Islam prevail, fine, but in the homes of those who practice it, not out on the streets with imbecils equipped with Kalashnikovs and batons. May Iran prevail as a whole instead of as a cult of sleazy murderers running the country and telling my people what religion and way of behavior and culture is good for them.

Maziar Shirazi,
A real Iranian


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