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May 5, 2000

Filmmakers as role models

In response to Banafsheh Zand:

Thank you for your response and your respect to an Iranian artist which was my general idea too. But needless to say, I have to diagree.

If we are talking about areas of art like acting, music or let's say graphics (not even painting) you are absolutely right. Who cares what kind of person Beethoven, Leonardo Davinci or Lawrance Olivier were? they were masters in what they did and history will remember them forever.

However, if we are talking about literature, or in this case cinema, I would say the situation is quite different. When somone rights a book or makes a movie, we are dealing with direct ideas presented by the composer. How can the artist be exempt from ideas that he himself is more or less presenting?

To make my point clearer, let's forget about Mehrjoui, whom I still respect a lot, and consider another example. Let's consider a teacher who is telling children in school to be honest, peaceful and not to be jealous. Do you expect that teacher to follow his own words or not? Is this too much ask? I don't think so.

Faramarz Kaviani


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