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May 4, 2000

Coordinated Zionist plot?

I am really saddened by all this barrage of very divisive articles and propaganda by our fellow Iranian jewish so-called vocal groups.

I am confused as to what their ulterior motives are. Is it truly coming from them or is it another cohesive and coordinated plot by their international Zionist handlers?

Historically, Iran/Persia has been a safe haven for Jews for centuries and centuries. It was the Persians who freed the Jewish slaves from Babylon. It was the Ashkanians of northern Iran who helped the Jews and their leader Antagon to defeat the Romans hence the creation of Israel first time or second time around. I believethe present Israel is the third time.

It was the Persians under king Cyrus who defeated the Egyptians where Suez is today and established the very first covenant of human rights. It was not for the benefit of Persians nor Egyptians as they were free people already. It was for the benefit of all the people enslaved by the Egyptians most of whom were Jews and Ethiopians.

It was Iran that accepted a lot of Jewish people running from a terrible fate in Arabic countries especially fromIraq after the creation of present Israel in 1948. Perhaps, I need to remind you that many Jews have been executed publicly in Baghdad for treason and spying for Israel until recently. Many Jews in Iran can trace their roots to some Arab country or even parts of Russia. I believe that Iran was the second nation after the Soviet Union who recognized the new state of Israel back in 1948.

Not only the Jews were guaranteed safety and equality by Moslem people of Iran but were allowed to prospera s it is very evident.

As you can see my fellow Jewish Iranians, it was not just once or twice that the Iranian people have shown their fairness, generosity and kindness. Not just to Jews but to every one else too. Despite limited resources,we still harbor over a million refugees in Iran as per UN reports. Granted all's not well in Iran today but it's not just the Jews who are having problems exclusively. I understand that you are all sympathetic to Israel but you don't have to over do it at the expense of the rest of us. Iran has some serious issues with Israel, mostly justified. As citizens of Iran, you need to take under consideration all angles at this time.


If you are interested, I can tell you about all this anti-Jewish sentiments in Europe and elsewhere in history and how they came about.

Saaviz Afshar


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