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May 15, 2000

Don't distort my words

In response to K. Hoseini: I had earlier told another person that I did not mean that the war was created by the mollas, I simply said it was spurred on in unneccesary ways, such as the employment of children, which in any event or stage of war is a crime against your own. The war was started by Saddam Hussein over issues of control over the Shatt Al Arab, control of Khuzestan, and various other reasons, but mainly because the U.S. was playing a heavy role in acting through Hussein.

I respect and pay tribute to the countless Iranians who lost their lives in the war defending our country. it is the means I have a problem with. That aside, you say that the constitution of Iran is democratic. It is. Are these rights being protected? No. Perhaps for right-wing Islamic mollas, who are not only concerned with monopolizing religious interpretation but also filling their pockets with the money of the people and silencing those who speak up for democracy. Have you read what these hardliners are saying?

And no, I rarely watch CNN. I'm more interested with news that comes out of Iran. These people have said outright: Enemies of Islam should all be killed. I hardly think that comes down to monopolizing religious interpretation.

You champion Khomeini so easily because he didn't actually pick up a gun himself, but spoke through his subordinates and told them to carry out the deeds. This even brings me back to my point about the war, in which he created an extremely persuasive sentiment to prolong the war for religious reasons and not for self defense, and you are blind if you cannot see that.

And finally, what the hell does driving on the right side of the street or killing someone who doesn't give you a seat on the bus have to do with freedom? If killing people and not abiding by the rules of common sense is also considered freedom, then I guess Iran, at least through these mollas and their basijes, is one of the freest country on earth. I suppose raping a six-year-old girl is freedom to you too.

Don't distort my words. I wasn't in Iran for reasons totally unrelated to the revolution, and it was only a matter of returning that has held me back. So don't give me these smug asshole remarks about me deserting my country. Some of our situations are different from yours. I guess you left later than those who initially left because of the oven temperature, huh? A real patriot to stay in your country.


Maziar Shirazi


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