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November 16, 2000

One man one vote

Guive Mirfendereski's article ["Keep it the way it is"] is very similar to the reasoning I hear these days by Republicans against the popular vote. Like them, your scare tactic against the popular vote is targeted towards Democrats.

I agree with you that it is not in the benefit of the Republican Party to support one man one vote count. This is not because abolishing the present system "will unravel at its seams", as you tried to picture it, but because it has so far been in the benefit of Republicans to stay with the Electroal College system.

Of course your lecture about the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the right to bear arms (another Republican favorite) has nothing to do with this subject. The founding fathers had different reasons than you mentioned when they decided about this voting system.

Without going into details I have to insist that not only your reasoning as to why the present election system should continue is incorrect, also your two reasons as to why an election based on the popular votes would not work is in error as well.

I would rather not to go into details at this point, although I have no problem discuss it with you point by point if you would like to (it seems that I would be in disadvantage since the paper describes you as a professional lecturer, but my convictions are so strong that I can take the risk!).

I can also refer you to many publications on the subject if you would like to know why this system was established by the founding fathers, and why it is incorrect in this day and age.

The simplest reason that the popular vote is the fairest way is that it would be inclusive of all the voters in an election. The most progressive countries in the world have adopted this system. I do not have a certain political leaning towards Republicans or Democrats, but I strongly believe in one man one vote.

Masoud Fazeli


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