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November 2, 2000

We love Iran too

Regarding Sadaf's letter "Mind your own business", I am an Iranian teenager who was born in the U. S. Both my parents are Iranian and they supported women's rights in Iran during the revolution. Because of their activism they had to escape by foot in 1982 through the Zagros Mountains and left every single worldly possession they had in Iran.

My parents loved Iran more than you could ever EVER understand. They came to the U.S. with fifty dollars which they spent on a gift for my grandmother. They have a wonderful life now, which they worked hard for, but have not been able to go back to Iran.

My entire family still goes to rallies that support women's rights in Iran, and rallies supporting the students in Iran. I have to sit and watch people who supported Khomeni and his anti-women's-rights laws go to Iran easily every year, when my family can't because of our beliefs are against those laws.

I had to watch as tears came to my fathers eyes when singing the Iranian national anthem at a Nowruz party.

Don't think the people who left Iran don't love Iran; they probably love it more than you can understand. Iran is a beautiful place but others cannot see that through the haze of inequality and hatred that is going on there.

Please think twice before saying a comment like that unless you completly understand what the people you are attacking have gone through.



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