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November 27, 2000

Heroes are true essence of our lives

Thank you for your article, "Defiance vs. regret". Anyone can speak or write about reform and progress. What separates ordinary men from genuine heroes however, is the steadfast preservation of one's convictions through the ugly and horrid flavor of places like Evin.

Akbar Ganji has so gallantly proven that indeed he is a genuine hero. As a member of Mr. Khomeini's inner circle he has had the opportunity to witness first hand the corruption of the new system and its culprits. He could have easily taken advantage of his connections in order to advance his own station and net worth. Yet, as a true and noble revolutionary, he has been fearlessly yearning, without deviation or distraction, to help foster the genuine revolution to it's desired destiny. Thus he has been labeled "a thorn" in the regime's side.

Alas, Evin has transformed the stubborn thorn into a terminal and irreversible infection. Please don't let anyone mislead you to believe that we do not need heroes. Heroes are the true essence of our lives and examples for our characters. Iran more than ever is in desperate need of more genuine heroes like Ganji.

Kambiz Ameli


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