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November 15, 2000

Non-violent struggle? How?

Articles by Mr. Majid Tehranian have always interested me. In particular his persistence in promoting peace in a peaceful manner. I mean not fighting for peace, as most advocate.

I have been also been tempted to write some notes on some of his previous articles but never got around to do it and lost the urge later on. However, I thought this time I should respond to "More powerful force". Perhaps coming from the same background I am prejudiced about the subject of his choice for the article and I feel compelled to comment.

I suppose he must believe in what he is preaching but I have reservations about some of the facts he mentions. He says his son is a Jew. I have recently learned that no matter who the father is you will be a Jew if your mother is a Jew. This suggests that Mr. Tehranian's wife is a Jew. Why is it that a person will be a Jew if their mother is a Jew is something that perhaps Mr. Tehranian can explain?

You then wonder why does a Jew remain as such regardless of the fact that the blood composition changes? Why is being Jewish so important that they do not wish to lose their identity? How come 'god' decided to make the Jews 'the chosen ones'? How come they have been 'promised' the 'land'?

Then perhaps Mr. Tehranian can also explain why the current 'Israelis' have claim over the piece of land that he refers to as 'Israel'? Is the possession 50% ownership? The fact is that the 'Israelis' have forced the Palestinians off their homeland and are now taking over various pieces of land around by continuously settling at these places and with the help of the military might of the U.S. they continue displacing Palestinians.

Mr. Tehranian wishes to further peace by engaging Palestinians and 'Israelis' in peaceful negotiation. This amounts to getting the sheep and wolves talking to each other. Over the past few weeks almost 200 people have died almost all of them Palestinians. We are not talking about numbers these were people (human beings) that were slaughtered by the military machine of the U.S./'Israel'.

How is it possible to soothe those people who have suffered these losses to come to grips with the peace proposed by Mr. Tehranian? It is easy to sit back and say that now that you can't bring back these people let's stop getting more people killed. While he is right in the sense that the blood shed must be stopped it is so irresponsible asking those who have suffered the losses to sit at a table and talk about future with those who have inflicted the losses.

'Israelis' have for a very long time shielded themselves behind the atrocities that the Nazi Germany inflicted on them. They have used and are still using this as an excuse to do what ever they wish to do. They have alienated the Palestinians by suggesting they have been victimised by the Arab 'terrorism'. Of course in the meantime forgetting to mention the terror mechanism they used to displace Palestinians and are now using to leep them off their land. They talk a lot about the Jews who were tortured and murdered in the Nazi Germany's camps but do not talk about torture they have been and are still inflicting onto Palestinian captives in their prisons.

When the three 'Israeli' soldiers were captured by the Palestinians, their friends all over the world tried to use whatever "diplomatic" leverage they could to get them freed. Most countries due to economic sanctions have to accept these "diplomatic" efforts being exercised by friends of 'Israel' because their survival normally depends on accepting these "diplomatic" overtures. I am not suggesting that the crisis in Palestine can not be resolved peacefully. However, we should not forget that until the question of how the 'Israelis' came to steal that land is not completely resolved no peaceful outcome will result.

'Israelis' have always been cleared of any wrong doing when they bombarded various places such as Syria or Lebanon territories using the excuse of chasing 'terrorists'. They bombarded the Iraqi nuclear power plants using the same excuse (protecting their safety), suggesting their safety is more important than the safety of other human beings on earth.

I believe before any thing else is done (such as getting 'Israelis' and Palestinians talking to each other) there needs to be an understanding that more than anything else 'Israelis' must be stopped and prevented to do what they have been doing, that is terrorising the Arabs. They have been hunting down any person who has been involved during the Nazi Germany's era in harming the Jews. While this is very noble thing it can not come from those who have been treating the Palestinians so inhumanly for the past fifty years.

It is very noble to talk of struggle for justice. Unfortunately the history of "Israel" has proved over and over again that they know nothing about justice. I've always had difficulty understanding why always those who have been victims of violence and injustice turn out to be the most cruel and unjust.

What is amazing is that Mr. Tehranian suggests that "all acts of violence on both sides must be stopped". When Palestinians demonstrate out of their helplessness against injustice by "Israelis" it can not be called violence. Violence is when "Israeli" soldiers shoot and brutally kill Palestinian children.

Worst of all Mr. Tehranian suggests that Palestinians must end "terrorism" against "Israel". While it is "Israel" that has been and is still terrorising Palestinians. One wonders how could a person like him promote peace when he is accusing victims of terror. The "Israelis" have always attacked and killed many Palestinian ordinary people who had fled for their lives to Syria or Lebanon or Jordan. The "Israelis" have used the latest weaponry provided by the allies (U.S. Government) to kill many innocent people and yet Mr. Tehranian talks about Palestinian "terrorist" acts against "Israel".

Mr. Terhranian also mentions those nations that according to him struggled for independence in non-violent manner and includes the United States among these nations. For the life of me I can't remember the non-violent struggle by the United States for independence (unless he is talking about civil rights!). I would very much appreciate if Mr. Tehranian enlightens me in this regard.

With due respect for Mr. Tehranian I hope and wish that he is truly an unbiased person trying to promote peace. He may have well intentions but his article suggests otherwise as it reflects a one-sided understanding of the situation. I suppose before you can solve a problem you need to clearly define it and have all the factors involved identified.

Jamshid Entesari


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