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October 25, 2000

Tax dollars wasted in support of Israel

The current tense situation inside Israel and the Middle East are so grave that many other ripple effects are witnessed that reflect Iran and Iranian nationals around the world ["Crooked wall"]. Some of these effects have already been witnessed; among them are:

1. The U.S. Senate votes to let victims of foreign terrorism collect damages (Oct 11, 2000).

2. U.S. House of Representatives issues Iran policy statement. (Oct 12, 2000).

3. Clinton is said to be very nervous due to his failed efforts to reach a peace settlement between Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat. In recent days, the President has insisted to intervene and have even offered to go to the Middle East last week for a summit, but has been turned down due to improper political situations being out of control.

4. His administration's close ties to the Jewish State is now felt and is seen openly, now being shattered by the Israelis' killings of Palestinians, now over 120, some as young as five-years old. He has been seen to lack leadership as a superpower to control the situation. The UN chief Kofi Annan is now conducting shuttle diplomacy followed by Madeleine Albright effort of last week. The news media is unable to control the news mainly due to the presence of the Internet's unfiltered news.

5. Now that he sees his last days in office is turning sour, he wants to maintain his party loyalty and continue his policy against Iran by poisoning the atmosphere and possible approval of further economical damages to Iran.

6. Due to the sudden start of violence and killings, so close to the upcoming US elections, it is believed that the Democratic ticket Gore-Liberman's popularity is fading.

As a concerned Iranian American, I am very upset that my tax dollars are not spent wisely and feel it is wasted as a result of mis-management and against unarmed civilian population inside Israel and against Palestinians. Furthermore, the US firmly supports Israel with advanced military equipment. Washington is not capable of controlling the Israelis army and their atrocities against rock throwing Palestinians. Live ammunition has been used for the first time by the Israelis against the rock throwers.

Officials must not allow one of a U.S. ally to bully a population in a political/religious dispute. The US and its Western allies did more in Bosnia when the population were under attack, siege and massacred by the Serbia's Milosovic regime. Why aren't the same allies doing something to protect the lives of the civilians in the Palestinian towns and villages?

This event is seen directly affecting Iranian people all over the world. We have witnessed reports of hatred letters and the like against Iranians in general. Once again, the atmosphere of the post hostage taking era seems is coming back. The Iranian community should call upon the President to put pressure on Israel to stop this non-sense killing of innocent people, even if has to send American troops to the region. The US has always helped its allies and friends in difficult times, but they don't see a reason to send the 6th fleet to the Mediterranean. Certainly, the Israelis have enough weapons of mass destruction to destroy the entire Middle East.

It seems that the Israeli police lack the wisdom to use a simple procedure to control rock throwing Palestinians. Like any other civilized countries in Europe, they should have used special plastic shields against rock throwing youngsters instead of live ammunition. The live plastic coated rubber bullets, as well as metallic types have been used by the Israeli army in an attempt to hurt and kill the Palestinians.

This event should/could have been predicted, and hence avoided by the 'smart' Israelis (so they claim it). They knew that they're not dealing with common people and perhaps they took this lightly. Ariel Sharon and his entourage, must not have taken a risk to enter the highly religious, political area in Jerusalem.

Javad Fakharzadeh, CEO
ATE Corporation


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