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October 17, 2000

Zoroastrianism first monotheistic religion

I can't agree with Mr. Reza Sami objections to Elaine Sciolino ["The twelve rules"] where he tries to prove that Zoroastrism is not a monotheistic religion. I think his opinion comes from the wrong interpretations of Zoroastrism by some Islamic and Western orientalists.

I don't believe he has read any Zoroastrian writings especially "The Gathas" holy book. Actually there is no contradiction between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman and darkness and light.

Firstly, Ahura Mazda has no partner opposite to him, but it is Spenta Mainyu and Angro Maynyu (later Ahriman) that are fighting against each other and they exist only in the human mind and nowhere else! It depends on you whether you accept facts and events you faced badly or in a good manner.

Secondly, darkness and light are used only as symbols for distinction of good and evil in the human behaviour, and it does'n mean that night and all black things are not created by Ahura Mazda. The whole being is the creation of Ahura Mazda, and really the whole process of formation and destroying of nature is subject to the law of Ahsa, created by Ahura Mazda, but mankind because of his weakness can think that earthquake is bad, death is bad, but burth is good.

The world recognized Zoroastrism as the first monotheistic religion having influenced on later ones by its ideas and concepts, if the Iranians didn't. I recommend Mr. Reza Sami to seach more sources on the best religion to find the very Truth.

Esfandiar Kiani


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