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February 1, 2001


With all due respect to your clairvoyance, how can you conclude that: "Given a choice, there's "absolutely" no doubt that the people would choose a democratic republic rather than the restoration of the monarchy." ["Citizen Pahlavi"] Do you base this statement on the latest Gallop-poll of Iran's political inclanation or is this viewsimply your own opinion.

While I do respect your belief, as an editor your writing should reflect a degree of evenhandedness and an unbiased approach to the subject.

The usage of "absolutes" simply puts you in the same category as the clerics (i.e. mollas) in Iran who believe that the Iranian people "absoluetly" want the current Islamic system and "absolutely" do not desire reform.

Unfortunately, assuming what other Iranians desire is an arrogant trait of many Iranians (and not only that of the good editor of this journal).

Therefor, let us be at least as equitable as Reza Pahlavi and let the Iranian prople decide what they want, don't assume that what you desire is necessarily the will of the majority.

Amir Arsalan Afkhami


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