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February 6, 2001

Something inherently wrong

I never thought Iranians would be so overly blind and reactionary as to reconstitute a deposed monarchy ["Our demands"]. Every Iranian has his/her own critique on the old and new order, but the overwhelming number of worthy Iranians agree that there was something inherently wrong with a disillusioned dictator who left his country on two occasions, with little hope of returning on both.

By worthy Iranians, I am referring to those Iranians who live in Iran (unlike myself), as it is them who should have the final word as to what and who should rule their country and not someone who resides in the United States, Canada, Dubai, Australia, or anywhere else.

More importantly, many Iranians who have or have not left their previous state of poverty, outside of the cities, as well as, a new generation of capitalist businessmen, would hardly accept the return of a non-enforced constitutional monarchy or an aristocratically-ruled economy.

Three upheavals of the monarchial system in the previous century are proof enough that Iranians wanted an end to dictatorships. Some desired an Islamic Republic, others a secular democracy, and, still, others wish for a socialist or communist regime.

However, I believe very few would approve of a monarch dictating the future of their country from atop the peacock throne.

Arya Abedin


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