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February 7, 2001

Barely touched the surface

Respectfully, your article "Thy father's sins" barely touched the surface. You also seem to "leave the door open" for Reza Pahlavi to "hope". Consider the followings:

1. Mention of Pahlavi dynasty brings to mind such corruption as drug trafficking, forced partnership of "royal" family in profitable companies, totally submitting to foreign powers, forced membership in the defunct "Rastakhiz," selling of Bahrein Island, deposing the most favorite populous leader Mossadeq, resolving of parliaments, receiving of "percentages" on business deals, etc.

2. The so-called "Royal" family sound far too much for one whose family heritage goes back only two generations (a. Reza Shah's father was unknown, b. he was illiterate, c. he forced the Majles to give him the title, d. he confiscated millions of hectares of land in Mazandaran, etc. etc. etc.) Although Reza Shah must be given credit for his numerous positive and patriotic services, he was NOT a royalty. Additionally, this new claimant himself (New Reza Pahlavi) cannot boast any experience, and has no education to speak of (He studied correspondence courses!) And he does not hold any grounds here in Iran.

Those of us who live here in Iran and suffer the most, remember all too well just who is responsible for all this in the first place. Anyway, I consider young Reza Pahlevi the most unqualified person for any position in the politics of today's Iran. Iran has had enough royalty and "fard parasti" to last them for centuries to come.

S. Iman


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