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February 12, 2001

Just like those intellectuals

It is rather sad and demeaning to see that some Iranians, despite living in a democratic society and calling themselves "Iranian-Americans", are so narrow-minded and shallow (or shamelessly self-righteous and hypocrite) that have become totally blind to the facts and realities that are abundantly clear and transparent to the entire world ["Citizen Pahlavi"].

These Iranians, including the editors of The Iranian, while claiming to be the advocates of democracy, are, contrarily, so subjective in their dogmatic viewpoint that seems incredible. Just like those so called intellectuals who in 1978/79 sheepishly followed Khomeini and, consequently, submitted Iran to one of the most reactionary, repressive and destructive regimes in the history, these so called democrats are now claiming that nobody in Iran wants the monarchy. Based on what evidence?

The simple point is that if they are truly democrats, why should they oppose the most basic principle of democracy, namely holding a free referendum to allow the people of Iran to decide their own choice of government?

No one, including Reza Pahlavi himself, is claiming that the former regime (or monarchy for that matter) was/is perfect. But isn't it somewhat dubious, to say the least, that the article "Citizen Pahlavi" was focused purely on criticising and negating monarchy while failing even to mention the shortcomings of the Islamic Republic!? How can any one with a grain of common-sense, objectivity, decency, conscience and love for Iran, be so blatantly blind to what the current regime has done to Iran and the reputation of Iranians in the eyes of the world?

Just look at the Iranian society today and the extent and depth of corruption and depravity therein. Look at the life of Iranian women and their calamitous standing in the Iranian society. Look at the state of the country's economy and the scale of poverty (in a potentially rich country) and the gap between the haves and have-nots (albeit this may suit some Iranian Americans, since they grossly benefit from the status quo).

Look at the extent of deprivation and unemployment among Iranian youth (especially graduates) and the consequential detriment this does to them in particular and to Iran's future in general. I am not even going to mention the lack of human rights and civil liberties in Iran.

I would now close my comments by saying that it takes a brave, courageous, intelligent, selfless and truly Iran loving man like "Citizen Pahlavi" to put Iran first and, notwithstanding the barrage of criticisms, just or unjust, from various groups, take such a stance at this crucial moment in our country's history and call for unity of all Iranians in order to free Iran from the current hell.

It is a shame that some Iranians never learn from history and the mistakes of the past, and always place their personal interest before that of Iran and all Iranians.

F. Behseresht


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