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February 13, 2001

Why should we believe Pahlavi?

I read some articles regarding the possibility of return of Reza Pahlavi in power in Iran at your site ["Citizen Pahlavi"]. I think that it is very sad that after twenty-something years of struggle for independence and freedom, the events that happened in Iran have not touched some of us at all.

I thought, after all these years of struggle, we would at least come to learn that we as a nation do not need a master or (aaghaa- baalaa- sar) in order to be able to learn to work together. I personally learned during Iran's revolution that one should not make a judgment just based on what a person claims to be. When Khomeini came to power he did not say that he would lead the country toward another dictatorship, but in reality he did.

I remember in one of his speeches he said something we do not need a king or a monarch because none other than the people has the right to say who should rule the country. I was in middle school at the time. I liked his speech. He said that our children should have the right to choose their own destiny.

But now the supreme leader has absolute power and no one is allowed to question the corruption within the government . Now , why should we believe Reza Pahlavi? No monarch will admit that he or she will be a bad monarch or abuse people's trust before they come to power.

While some of us are sitting and waiting in California for Iran to change and want things to go back the way it was before the revolution, some of the most passionate nationalists are fighting inside Iran every day. Iran went through a war and lost many of its intellectuals in the fight for freedom of expression. There are many of them still in prison fighting the government. Some had a choice to live abroad comfortably like us. However, they chose to stay and fight.

Please, as an Iranian I ask you not to ignore all these efforts inside Iran. These struggles happened for a reason. If any good should come out this, it should be the continuation of what is going on in Iran today, rather than going back to twenty-something years ago .



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