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February 27, 2001

Persia small part of Iran

This is an opinion and every opinion is valid ["Bring back Persia"]. But in Avesta the ancient document and the most historic book of Iran the term "a-eer-ya-nemva-ee-jo" used to describe the land of the Aeers' -- the terrain and plateau, which the Indo-European (Iranian) first settled.

The term "Aeer" later was changed to "Ar", "Er" or "Ir". The Avesta uses the term as synonym for NOBLE. Noble means aaaadeh in today's Farsi. "Arien" or "Aryan" was a race of people who settled in the Iranian plateau. Nothing much is know of the history of Parthians who settled in the northeast part of the plateau.

Persia is derived from the word Pars, or Persis, as it was known to the ancient Greeks, and has a narrow and specific connotation. It refers to a mountainous region to the northwest of the Persian Gulf, where the city of Shiraz and province of Pars (of present Iran) and the Achaemenid palace, Persepolis, are situated.

However the etymology of the word Iran is Aryan and refers to the Indo-European people and language, which spread throughout a region, connoting a much larger geographic and cultural domain. The term Iran has been in use since the Achaemenid period (ca 550- 331 B.C.)

Although the use of Persia as the designation for the country is less current, it is still used in its adjectival form that is Persian to refer to language and culture. Therefore using the term "Persia" to refer to the Ancient and/or today's Iran would not behistorically or geographically correct.

Using the term Persia or Persian corresponds to the small part of Empire of Iran. This word may help to describe a certain kind of product or species such as Persian Rug or Persian cat, but certainly would be insufficient and unprofessional for describing the country. For more information please go to: //

The process of name change would be highly expensive for the nation. All documentations, agreements, books, and passports should be changed as well.



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