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February 27, 2001

No ordinary congressman

Mr. Mirfendereski did the right thing contacting Barney Frank ["Petition by one"]. But Barney Frank is no ordinary congressman. If he was my congressman (which he used to be) I too would certainly write to him. He is not just a Democrat. He is a very open-minded, outspoken and liberal Democrat. In fact if you live in his constituency, all your life you won't ever feel like a foreigner.

While I would much rather take Mr. Mirfendereski's approach I would like to point out that those of us who live in ultra-Republican constituencies do not have a Barney Frank to write to. He is literally a needle in the hay stack of the Congress. If only all of Congress were Barney Franks!

It is also necessary for us Iranians to see that despite the gaffes of President Carter, the Democrats are more minority-friendly.

One thing is for sure: The tone that the Persian Watch Cat (PWC) takes would certainly not have received as swift and civil a response. I suggest that the PWC invite Mr.Mirfendereski to be their spokesperson.

Setareh Sabety


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