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February 28, 2001

Power of unity

I would like to appreciate the initiatives of the author of "Petition by one" for encouraging over one million Iranian Americans to write personalized letters to their senators and congressmen in order to oppose the regulations of fingerprinting and luggage searching of Iranians at U.S. airports. This is a highly effective and extremely productive campaign.

To reiterate the importance of the above mentioned recommendation from a personal standpoint, not only have I already forwarded several similar letters to related senators and congressmen, but I have also contacted them personally, both via phone and by meeting them or their representatives in person including Senator Dianne Feinstsein and Congressman Tom Lantos.

However, I would like to suggest that such personal initiatives not be considered as a substitute for collective actions such as petitions. They should be viewed as supplementary actions. Hence, it is important to reiterate the success of the "petition of concerned citizens to President Bush requesting lifting the fingerprinting and excessive luggage-searching of Iranian travelers at U.S. airports" has already obtained over 1,800 signatures within less than four weeks after its launch in internet.

Those who have signed and supported such successful petitions should indeed seriously consider writing personalized letters to their representatives as suggested by the author of "Petition by one", which in my opinion has nothing to do with "Power of One". In no way do I have the intention to analyze or criticize the doctrine of "Power of One" and its other agenda in disguise, nor do I wish to try to comprehend the association between the two above-mentioned "Ones".

Nevertheless, despite previous confrontations and oppositions that are mostly based on political and psychosocial diversities, I would like to reiterate that when it comes to opposing discrimination, even two opponents can work with each other and demonstrate "The Power of Unity".

Kamiar Kallaantar


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