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February 15, 2001

New proposals

Having read that many opinions and debates on the matter Mirfendereski versus Persian Watch Cat, I felt compelled to go back and see what was going on. In my search for the truth, I ran into the original piece (better to say MASTERPIECE) by Mr. Mirfendereski, the one which suggests that Iranian Americans who have problems with luggage and body searches in U.S. airports should contact the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Daftar) in Washington, DC.

Now I understand why we had so much fuss on this very productive proposal of Mr. Mirfendereski. People just don't get it. Well, to clarify the situation, I would like to state the following supplementary proposals:

-- All Jewish Americans who have any problem in the U.S., please contact Israeli embassy in Washington, DC.

-- All African Americans who feel discriminated in the U.S., please contact African embassies of your origin such as Congo or South African embassy in Washington, DC.

-- All Irish Americans who have issues with the U.S. government, please refer to Embassy of Ireland in DC.

-- All blonde Americans who feel discriminated by the U.S. government officials, please refer to the Swedish or German embassies or the representatives of Northern European countries of your choice located in Washington, DC.

Therefore, only and only if you are a Native American Indian and you are mistreated in a U.S. airport, you may consider contacting U.S. government officials directly. Of course only if you recognize the U.S. government as your own government and not as an occupying power.

Finally, if I myself should encounter any mistreatment or discrimination at a U.S. airport, I refer myself to Mr. Mirfenfdereski. May God help him to help me.

Hamid Estahbanati


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