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February 20, 2001

Join Persian Watch Cat

I am a member of Persian Watch Cat, like six hundred other Iranian/Americans and in that capacity, do not represent the group or speak for the group and only represent myself.

There have been many letters published in recently both pro and against actions of PWC. I don't want to bring yet another view to that discussion, but only try to encourage Iranian/Americans to join PWC.

I do not know any of the board members of the PWC and have no personal agenda by writing this letter. Most of us who have lived in the U.S. came here right after or before the 1979 revolution and still remember the hostage crisis times.

We remember how degrading all of us were treated and how, even until now, pause when answering the questions of where we are from. I am not a sociologist or a psychologist but I bet if there was a study done on us, they would find some long term effect on our social behavior because of the treatment we received from the general public in those times.

Well, times have changed and most of the Iranians who survived those times have mixed in pretty well. We are not ashamed of being Iranians anymore and although still pause when we say we are from Iran, do not hide our nationality anymore. Isn't it time to take one step further and voice our collective issues and concerns in this country?

Wouldn't be nice to, one day, hear on a radio program like National Public Radio that an Iranian/American lobby group has changed some discriminative law in the U.S.? PWC is a first step in that direction.

We might not like all the debates that are going on between current and past PWC members, but we are only as good as the level of participation in our interested groups. Isn't there a saying that the people deserve their governments? It is probably true with these groups too.

If you and I do not join and make an effect, who will? PWC will go on its own way and will try to influence Washington. But wouldn't it be better if your voice was heard too? Visit PWC website at and become a member. You will only strengthen the voice of Iranian/Americans by this simple action.



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