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February 8, 2001


The foundation of American ideals and democratic principles is freedom of speech, thought and expression. Therefore, the Mia Farrow-like attack on the editor of by a supporter of Persian Watch Cat appears to me to be unjustified (I won't go so far as to say Un-American...).

The editor of has been caught in the middle of a cat fight between members of Persian Watch Cat ["Persian Watch Dog"]. Why don't you pussies leave the guy alone?

As a journalist and editor he has the right and obligation to present points of view that may not be his own and which may offend some part of his readership. Should he be personally attacked and threatened with legal action as a result? You pussies should think about this. I don't think he should.

When I first heard of the formation of an organization to protect Iranian-Americans (and innocent Iranian visitors to this country) from un-American and prejudicial treatment by my government, I was thrilled.

However, if the attack on the editor of by this supporter of Persian Watch Cat is representative of the views and tactics of this organization towards people they don't agree with, my advise is go back to where you came from, we don't want you here. I'm sure that the American Civil Liberties Union can fill any void caused by your absence.

Amoo Sam


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