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February 9, 2001


I am ashamed. Ashamed as an Iranian, ashamed as an American. I do not know much about the Persian Watch Cat (PWC), but what I know is very sad. I cannot believe how unprofessional this group is, how they can take an internal matter outside of their forum, and then have the audacity to threaten to sue The Iranian! ["Persian Watch Dog"]

I am sure that all the members of the PWC are highly skilled and professional people, but their leadership's reaction has been extremely unprofessional. How dare you talk about discrimination and then threaten to sue The Iranian? The very same forum you yourself use in order spread your views!

I need to be defended when I get fingerprinted at an American airport, but I rather be fingerprinted than have a group of unprofessional madmen try to help me by yelling and threating to sue newspapers!

Ramin Kashi,
Graduate Student of Physics


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