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February 16, 2001

He's just a child

Racism is nothing more than fear ["Punch"]. The boy is reacting to what he sees and hears in his home and you justify his actions by your reaction and violence. He is just another child... in the first grade!

Kids say mean things. If your daughter was in high school or a little older I would understand your concern, maybe, but shit! I can't imagine how confused and terrified your daughter must have been at your reaction.

Don't kid yourself in thinking that "the race issue" is specific to the American culture. With you maybe it wasn't Black/White, Asian Hispanic...what about, Moslem/Jew or Iranian/Turkish? You were probably just on the other side of it and didn't realize it was racism.

Iranians are racist by nature. I don't know one Iranian mother (okay I do know one but besides her) I don't know one who would be happy with their daughter dating a Black man or Asian man or anything not Iranian or White/European.

Another thing: you are not and never will be (in this country) a "despised minority". Your skin and your economic standing do not prevent you from work, society or anything else for that matter. You are overreacting and anyone who has experienced daily harassment due to racism would tell you the same.

As a woman maybe you have experienced and unreasonable amount or harassment and if so, you would understand that what your daughter is experiencing does not put her in the category of "despised minority".

My parents explained to me (during the "hostage crisis" in the '70s), that people fear things they don't understand and when confronted, my choices were to ride it out or talk it out. That most importantly, taking pride in who I am will only cause others to do the same. It's not the satisfaction of winning the battle that is important, but rather the peace of mind that your integrity remains intact and you grow as a result of the confrontation.

Try that before throwing punches and your daughter might not only come out of this situation unscathed but stronger. Mommy allows the braking of her rules when mommy forgets who's battle she is fighting and why the battle is important.



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