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February 9, 2001

Children of Imam Hossein

In his response ["Pacific Islam"], Mr. Tehranian has not addressed Mr. Mahdavi's central argument, that Shi'ite Islam by nature is anti-pluralist ["Minority rule"].

It's a strong argument that needs to be tackeld head on. The strength of Shi'ite movement throughout centuries has been based on the notion of a just cause, whose justness is sanctioned by an Imam and whose legitimacy is divine, not necessary popular.

Imam Hossein as the archtypical figure in shi'ite history fought against impossible odds knowing that his cause was not a popular one but believed in justness of it.

They may be handling their daily schedules with PalmTops and sip tea at Internet cafes but Shi'ite Iranians still are all children of Imam Hossein.

Asghar Massombagi


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