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February 13, 2001

It is time

On the eve of the 22nd anniversary of the Iranian revolution of 1979, the Islamic regime is celebrating its victory while dozens of individuals-intellectuals, journalists,writers, activists, men and women are incarcerated in Evin and other prisons ["Happy anniversary"].

While the Islamic regime is celebrating its victory, prostitution and addiction has reached incredible numbers. Most Iranians are facing unemployment and economic hardships. inhuman and illegal trials take place and recently behind closed doors, the trial for the accused in the serial murder case took place while the real perpetuators are still in high government positions and those sentenced will never face justice.

While medieval laws such as stoning of men and women takes place in every corner of Iran and Vali Faghih pardons prisoners on this occasion, Akbar Ganji, Ezatollah Sahabi, Zeidabadi, Ahmad Batebi, the Mohammadi brothers, Shirin Ebadi and everyone who has ever spoken the truth is in prison cells.

The rulers of the Islamic Republic celebrate their victories in crushing every voice of dissent. And yet the head of the Islamic judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi has the audacity to claim of how the Islamic constitution upholds human rights!! as if the world and the people of Iran are fools and those in power geniuses.!

Except for the short period of the "spring of freedom" which only lasted one spring, Iranians have seen and felt nothing but humiliation, terror, kidnapping, stoning, inhuman treatments, and fear. They have lived in a country where no citizen is allowed to practice their basic rights as human beings unless approved by those vicious men in power. Iranians have had to flee their homeland for better social conditions or otherwise live according to the rules of the Islamic regime which claim to practice religion in its highest form and yet has stained the religious beliefs of the people.

During two decades, everyone in the way of the regime was eliminated. In 1989, political prisoners, branded as "mohareb ba Khoda" were executed by the hundreds in Evin prison on the order of Imam himself. An act of criminality never exercised in any country in modern times and by a government which is signatory to the UN human rights charter. The Islamic regime has stepped on every single international law as set by the United Nations and yet this regime continues to be regarded as part of a nation among nations.

A regime which allows thugs to storm in the night at the student dormitories, injuring and violently attacking students, throwing them off of balconies and imprisoning their leaders. a regime which has no respect for human life and practices against the very foundation of Islam and religion.

It is time for Iranians to hold hands and shout to the world that enough is enough. The time has come for Iran to be free of hatred, extremism, and violence. It is time for no son and daughter of this land to live in fear. It is time for no mother or father to lose their children in violent clashes or see them behind bars. It is time for Iran to be free. it is time that the land of Omar Khayam, Ferdowsi, Hafez, the land of beauty and love to come alive once and again. it is time for an end to Velayt-e Faghih.

"Time will not wait.

How long will light shine upon this ocean

that is motionless and yet full of motion

thousands of miles on the other side, there is a street,

whose condition is not good.

It has become used to it.

And it seems, in each block of this street,

our hopes and dreams fade away."

(Poem by Mohammad Mokhtari in 1987. Mokhtrari was strangled to death by the agents of the Islamic regime in November 1998)

Fariba Amini


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