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February 15, 2001

Shah's mistake: Didn't shoot rebels

I normally don't respond to a bunch of anti-Shah people who after 22 years still blame the late Shah for everything that went wrong with Iran.

The article by Fariba Amini ["Thy father's sins"] and many others refer to "mistakes" that the Shah made. It is very easy to refer to mistakes of others but not your own.

Frankly, most current and former supporters of the current regime would like to forget that they were totally fooled by the myth of a so-called Islamic republic and supported it from the bottom of their hearts. They never questioned the so-called Iman and gave 100% support to him. Because of their lack of vision, about one million Iranians lost their lives.

On the other hand, the late Shah had these people, including those who are now in charge of Iran, in jail on many charges. Time has proven him right. Fariba Amini and others forced him to release them and we all are paying the price for it.

In my view, people like Fariba Amini have no right whatsoever to make any comment about the future of our country. Oh, they will argue it, but too bad.

The late Shah was a gift that my countrymen never understood. I will agree that he was weak in one aspect and guilty of one crime and that was not to shoot the rebels and their supporters when he could.

Khosrow Moniri


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