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February 27, 2001

Very good at shouting

I am so sick of people trying to deceive themselves on this forum that Iran has been anything different but a one-man show for the past 22 years. He is not called the Shah but the Supreme Leader.

Let's just lift our heads out of the snow and not pretend that no one can see us just because we don't see them. They have tortured more, killed more, destroyed more and will continue to do so -- that is there agenda inherent in their ideology because they think they are defending the "Right Cause"!

So is anybody else going to be better, maybe, maybe not. Unfortunately we can not even judge the book by its cover, as we very well knew this crowd and their cover when everybody went out in the streets and shouted slogans and that is somethng we are very good at: shouting as it makes us feel we have accomplished something.

What have we accomplished? If there are lots of good things and all is well then the other 50% of the articles on this forum will also be dedicated to Googosh, bigotry, etc!

Wake up for whatever's sake.

Sepehr Sohrab


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