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February 23, 2001

More Iranian than most

Elaine Sciolino is a renowned expert on Iran. I consider her more an Iranian than most Iranians. She is well-respected and well-known to command impartial views and writings not only by her close piers but by journalists globally (I conducted a personal sampling).

Her latest article ["Man Who Would Be Shah Seeks Job Ruling Iran"] and the subject/content there of, the least attractive and of less importance than those of 1000s of informative articles she's written and a handful of interviews conducted with her on the subject of Iran.

Overall, in my book, she gets an A+ on her outstanding contributions to Iran and Iranians -- Persians too.

Recently, I have heard a few derogatory comments about her works, in plural. Anyone that is familiar with her work will easily be able to discount these comments as pure rhetoric and self-serving. I personally will halt effective immediately, association, affiliation, and contributions in any manner to any organisations that are the self-serving rogue origin of such comments and strongly urge you to as well.

We as Iranians should be proud to have such responsible journalistic talent flaunting and publicising our country's origins and history. We as Iranians are only to gain...



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