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February 1, 2001

Political activities without permission

Haven't we damaged our country enough? Haven't we suffered enough? Haven't we lost enough people? Haven't we gone backward long enough?

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its narrow-minded, foolish, and opportunist supporters in the West are trying their best to legitimize the Islamic Republic's inhuman, ruthless, illegal activities and behaviors in the name of "Iranian culture, Iranian Islamic religion, Iranian way of understanding, compassion the Iranian way, and spirituality from the Iran" in the Western world.

This week the Society of Iranian Professionals (SIP) in Northern California has invited Mr. Afrasiabi to talk about the "Dialogue Among Civilizations and Iran's Foreign Policy."

SIP supposed to be a non-political organization without any political affiliation or agenda. But in the last two years this organization has been working directly with the Islamic Republic of Iran in various capacities; and it has also been in direct contact with Islamic Republic representatives in New York, Washington DC, etc. without the permission of its members.

Inviting Mr. Afrasiabi is another example of SIP political activities and their direct support for Islamic Republic and also Islamic Republic way of thinking. Mr. Afrasiab is one of the believers of Islamic-based government. He loves the Islamic Republic so much, that four years ago he nominated himself for the presidency of that totalitarian and dictatorial system. In the last four years he has been a full time advertising machine for the Islamic Republic and its deceitful, untrustworthy, dishonest-Khatami.

Read for yourself the enclosed articles (URL address) by Mr. Afrasiabi. Note how he praises and admires Khatami and how he compares Khatami to Hegel, Kant, Nelson Mandela, etc. At first, I thought that I was reading a joke or a funny article by Hadi Khorsandi at! Various Web sites (such as have been publishing Mr. Afrasiabi's articles. But they haven't published anything on Mr. Afrasiabi's political affiliations and associations? Why?

How, then, would people know that four years ago Mr. Afrasiabi nominated himself for the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran? (For more information, please see old issues of Iran Times newspaper, published in Washington.) This kind of sloppy journalism and activities by needs clear explanations by them publicly.

Khatami supporters in the West are too busy writing propaganda (which they call "scholarly papers") to ask themselves some simple questions, such as: What great contributions the Islamic Republic and Khatami given to Iran and Iranians? Since they consider today's world anarchic, then what do they consider today's Iran? They would probably reply, "A perfect model for the world's future!"

Of course, none of these people ever talk about the Islamic Republic oppressive and dictatorial activities, about real freedom for the Iranian people or about true democratic rights for Iranians. Their efforts are focused on legitimizing a dictatorial, undemocratic system for the Iranian people inside Iran. As if Iranians do not deserve better!

Please forward this message to others in the Bay Area and let everyone know about SIP's direct support for Islamic Republic and clear violation of their original bylaws. Thank you for your support.

Azita Mahdavi


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